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What’s Going On in this City? This Week in Houston MMA

Legacy Matchmaker Collin Cantrell

One day it’s cold and snowing and the next its seventy-degrees and sunny. Do we need to wear a coat or bust out the flip-flops? I don’t know what to do other than take things one day at a time. Such is life in this brutal city… You just never know what’s next!

Regardless of the weather, one constant we can count on is the never-ending stream of MMA-related news and events in this city.

To wrap up last week, it was previously mentioned that long-time Legacy announcer Collin Cantrell has taken over matchmaking duties for Houston’s flagship promotion. Since the very-first Lonestar Beatdown in College Station, Cantrell has proven that nobody in the business can wear a white dinner jacket and Texas bowtie better. If his shiny style (and haircut) are of any indication, fans of Legacy Fighting Championship can expect nothing but equally-exciting matchups from this point forward.

Speaking of which, several fights were announced this week for upcoming cards city-wide, two of which should be very exciting news for area fans. As reported by my good friend Barry at TCD, Legacy recently announced the pairing of “Machine Gun” aka “Chico” Artenas Young and “Fighting Aggie” Bubba Bush for their April show to go along with the rest of the previously-announced card. Coming off an upset loss against Jared Taylor at WGC, Young will be looking to rebound against as tough an opponent as they come in Bubba, who has the marauding style to fit his name, as evident by his last dominant win against Chris Spicer. When it comes to styles making fights, this one should be a much-anticipated middleweight matchup that may set the table near the top of division rankings.

Bellator: Flick vs. De Leon I

Also hot-off-the-presses for the IXFA April show in Winnie, TX  is a title affair between two of the best flyweights in Texas as Houston’s Humberto De Leon takes on Jimmy Flick of Corpus Christie. Houston area fans may know Humberto best for his Strikeforce performance against Chad Robichaux, a split-decision loss that  many felt could have just as easily gone his way. Less- known by Houston fans is the 2-0 Jimmy Flick but his opponent should know him well. These two already fought at Bellator 20 in San Antonio, TX during May of last year in a contest that went to Flick in a unanimous decision. Now the Bushi Ban product in De Leon has a chance to even the score, this time for a title and in his own backyard here in Houston..

More fights should be announced for the area soon as the gears never seems to stop turning for the city’s promotions. With rumored names such as the aforementioned Chad Robichaux, along with others like Craig Gardner,Ricardo Talavera, and more potentially waiting in the wings, fans can only expect more excitement in what is shaping up to be a strong 2011 for Houston MMA as a whole.

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