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XKO 12 Play-by-Play – Spoon defeats Macias in Main Event

Last night TXMMA’s Dallas girl power duo again went west to Arlington, TX to cover XKO 12. Here is Misty McMillan’s account of the action, and keep it here for full pictoral coverage by Veronica Cortez.

XKO 12 9/3/11
By Misty McMillan

HWT: KELLY RUNDLE (2-1) versus JEREMIAH ONEAL (over 50 pro fights)

Looking confident with water bottle in hand, Kelly appears to have the edge in age. Jeremiah almost unnoticeably enters the ring, with concern likely due to the height difference.

Round 1 begins with a sizing up of each other, Jeremiah goes for a single leg but misses as Kelly sprawls. Kelly attempting back control however Jeremiah reverses and gains top control. Not much punching technique from either corner. Jeremiah finally gains full rear control and begins a series of punches to opponents head. Jeremiah wins by knockout at 2.21 as ref stops the fight.

135 – MIKE SIERRA (4-4) versus NELSON SALAS (1-0)

Round one quickly gets started with Nelson making several round house contacts however Mike is able to temporarily gain the lead with a take down. Mike attempts a guillotine choke but doesn’t have it deep enough. There is a flurry of back and forth punches and reversals to finally end up in Nelson obtaining a rear mount choke to win the match in 1:59min. (last minute fighter change. Nelson was supposed to fight Dusty Mason)


Both fighters look confident as they enter the ring.

Round 1 starts as Michael makes the first punch that leads to a standing tie up with knees from each corner. Michael gets the takedown and is in full guard as he attempts to make contact with crosses and elbows. No real good effects are being made and there is a warning from the referee. Hayward gains control with a shoulder lock and is able to reverse for top control. Rear mount is achieved with both hooks but Michael is able to turtle up and wait it out for the bell.

Round 2 Hayward makes contact with a hook and is able to tie up and gain neck control and finally a submission with a guillotine choke in 23 sec.

185 – ANDREW PARKER (0-0) versus DUSTIN ADAMS (0-0)

Round one starts with Andrew coming in hot with strikes and pushes Dustin against the fence. Andrew slams opponent to the mat with no effect. They get back up on their feet as both fighters appear to be going all out almost frantically. Both taking crosses as Dustin gets dropped to one knee but is able to regain quickly only to take another strike that lands him on his back with Andrew in open guard. Andrew stands back up and tries to tempt Dustin back to his feet but he stays down and this continues until the bell.

Round 2 – Dustin makes contact with several round houses. Andrew stops the attack by tying up and pinning Dustin once again to the chain. Dustin lands a solid strait to Andrew’s face and knocks him down as he attempts to continue the strikes to the head. Andrew begins to feel the effects with another solid hit to the jaw. Andrew is able to fight off a half attempt at a choke and takes top position only to lose it due to what appears to be exhaustion and begins to bleed from the nose. Dustin again has the top advantage however cannot make good contact with his punches.

Round 3 – Dustin comes in confident as they tie up quickly and fall down to the mat together, neither one really having an advantage. Andrew gets top control and sits up with a solid hit to Dustin’s stomach. Several reversals take place until Andrew again gains full mount and produces a weak attempt at some flurry shots to Dustin’s head. Andrew gets in some good elbows before the bell. By unanimous decision…Andrew wins.

155 – DONNIE BELL (0-0) versus BURT MCDONALD (0-0)

Both fighters appear to know each other and seem comfortable.

Round 1 quickly ends up on the ground with Donnie leading with punches and tying up. They get back on their feet. And they both have strong sprawling skills. Burt blocks several knee attempts and Donnie continues to attempt at a single leg takedown which finally gains him advantage. Donnie quickly gets rear mount and fight is stopped by ref for Donnie striking opponents back of head and a point is taken away. Donnie refocuses and lands a strong hook with a takedown that throws Burt to the chains. Burt is able to hold off the attack till the bell.

Round 2 – Burt gets a right hook in but Donnie takes advantage of an opening and gets a single leg take down with top advantage. Burt is bleeding from the nose and Donnie repositions to rear mount and wins with a choke 1:02.

185 – KANO GREGOIRE (8-3) versus BRANDON MCDOWELL(32-31)

Kano comes in fast with leg kicks as Brandon ties up and has Kano against the fence. Brandon tries for a takedown however Kano is able to reverse it and take top advantage in half guard. Brandon begins to bleed after an elbow to the head. Brandon is trying to hip escape but is pushed against the chains. Kano seems to be taking his time, making sure Brandon remains on bottom, while throwing the occasional punch and elbow. Although taking your time is not a fan favorite, Kano is effective in remaining in top control. Kano finally sees his opening when Brandon opens up on his side. Kano throws a series of strong crosses to the head, which ultimately leads into a knock out called by ref. 4:02


James seems excited and ready to fight. Chris has a casual entrance into the ring, both fighters looking like they have done this before. James with an obvious height advantage.

Round 1 begins with leg kicks and punches from both fighters. Chris gets a right hook but it doesn’t take James down. After a few more cross punch interactions they tie up and ref breaks them up after an accidental low knee from Chris. Both miss their kicks and tie up against the chains. They release, coming back with head to head striking and roundhouses. Both are confident on their feet. Chris seems to have more power, however James takes advantage of his reach. Chris is ineffective with his kicks while James throws a perfect push kick making contact with Chris’ head. After a brief drop to the ground they both get back up. These corners seem well matched with the best standup fighting so far this evening.

Round 2 – more of the same with strong leg kicks and combos. James’ reach seems to be giving him a slight advantage with his punches, however Chris continues to remain strong with his kicks and blocks. They tie up and release with Chris getting in a good hook. James has a small cut above is left eye. James tries to tie up but Chris keeps him away. James gets in a solid combo but Chris remains strong, looking for those body shots. Chris seems to be losing a bit of steam while James remains focused. Chris ties up in the last seconds.

Round 3 begins with the usual. James gets in another good front kick. Chris is looking for that opening while trying not to get stung. James begins to focus on the body with his strikes. Chris is good at protecting his head. Exhaustion begins to set in and they tie up with Chris against the chains. Chris attempts a takedown but is ineffective. He again goes for a takedown but falls short as James stands back up. Chris tries to lure James onto the mat but he stands back for Chris to get back up. The last seconds are used up with Chris attempting to get one last takedown in but falls short. Once the round was over, Chris comes by the fence to try and show the judge some love before the final decision is made. Unanimous decision goes to James.

170 – ANTHONY “MAD DOG” MACIAS (23-15) versus ROY SPOON (6-3)

Both fighters look strong and ready to strike hard. Anthony appears to have an age advantage as well as a strong fight history.

Round 1 begins with Anthony going straight for the round house kicks while Roy is looking to use his slight weight advantage. Roy succeeds in a take down and ends up in half guard. Ref calls out a warning for inactivity. Roy tries to focus on head shots to Anthony while maintaining top advantage. Roy struggles with Anthony until ref finally breaks it up. Anthony makes strong contact to Roy’s face with a solid strait, momentarily knocking Roy to his knees but Anthony does not take advantage of it and Roy gets back up quickly and they tie up against the chains. Anthony is finally effective with a takedown gaining top advantage. He finds a hole and attempts a guillotine that is not good enough. Roy escapes and takes top control again in half guard. Roy gets in a few more head shots before the bell.

Round 2 – Roy throws a good kick to the head however Anthony finds the take down. Anthony gains top control and reaches for a knee bar which does not work then switches to the heel hook which Roy is able to fight out of and gain top position in half guard. Anthony is good at tying up his opponent to prevent head blows, however Roy is gaining slight ground by using his weight and arm strength. After several seconds, Roy is stopped and pulled off after a warning for hitting the back of the head. Anthony is taking advantage of the break, shaking and holding the back of his head. Ref calls in the doctor to check the eyes and the blood that begins to come from his right brow. Anthony comments that his vision is blurry. Roy’s corner is not happy about this, fearing that they may not get the win. Finally the ref officially stops the fight. After some deliberation with the other officials, the fight is called at 3:26 and it is determined that Roy is the winner by knockout.