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XKO 12 Pre-Fight Interview – Chris Pecero Readies for Showdown with James Vick

CORPUS CHRISTIE, TV, August 24, 2011 – The last time we spoke to Corpus Christi native Chris Pecero this past March, he was readying for an XKO 10 title shot against Chris Jones. Unfortunately for Pecero, he would go on to lose that bout via third round TKO. Fortunately for Chris, his memory is a short one when it comes to letting defeats linger. Heading right back into the gym immediately after that bout, he would come back at XKO 11 this past July and score a rebound victory over a tough opponent in Burt McDonald  – via first round triangle choke in just over a minute of action.

Now seeking to make his way back up the ladder towards another title shot and an eventual rematch with Chris Jones, the American Revolution trained fighter will first have to get past James Vick , an undefeated fighter with three finishes in three professional fights – all in the first round. With his future riding on how he performs in this upcoming bout at XKO 12 on September 3rd, we recently spoke to Chris Pecero to get his pre-fight thoughts.

Chris, thanks for taking the interview prior to XKO 12. Before we talk about MMA, I wanted to ask… Is there anything else exciting going on for you lately?

Thanks for the exposure. I wish I had some cool news about an upcoming zombie movie that I’m set to start filming but nope. It’s all work for me and then we play Sept. 3rd.

What’s life like outside the cage for you in terms of work and other obligations for you at this point?

I have a very busy schedule. Working 40+ hours, training every day, and trying to squeeze in time with my wife and two boys makes it impossible to do anything else. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. For now, at least it makes me stronger. I earn everything I get.

Since you’ve entered the sport, what’s been the proudest accomplishment you’ve earned so far? What about your biggest challenge?

Every fight is a challenge. It’s another puzzle that I must solve. Up to this point, I’m most proud of being given the opportunity to fight for the XKO lightweight belt. I came up short but that’s something I’m looking to change in due time.

How did your last fight go with Burt McDonald at XKO 11? I know you got the win but take us through that fight.

Burt came out guns a blazing. His quick flurry threw me off because I could feel him wanting to go for a takedown also. I figured he would prefer to avoid the ground in this fight but I never rule out all possibilities. After some brief exchanges standing up, he was able to secure himself around my hips while I was against the cage. I thought, “Well go ahead and do it then” as he lifted me off my feet and brought me down. I felt an opening for the triangle and went for it as soon as we hit the mat. Once it was completely locked in, I expected him to pound my face in to make me wanna let go. But, he tapped and I celebrated with a little dance.

Any learning lessons coming out of that fight? 

A reminder to be ready for anything.

As of today, what do you feel are your greatest strengths in the cage and what areas do you feel you need to get better at?

I feel that I’m well versed in all areas. I’m always looking to improve in every skill though. I would like my wrestling to get better most of all.

Looking at XKO 12, you’ll be fighting James Vick. What do you know about him?

I don’t know a great deal about him but I’m excited to face someone with such a size advantage. He’s 6’3″ I believe and I’m only 5’9″. It won’t be the first time that I’ve faced a taller opponent but he will be the tallest yet.

He’s known to be a longtime boxer but he’s won recently more so with submissions. Are you worried about either aspect more or less?

I know he’s working hard on his ground game, as he should be, but he’s still more of a striker. I’ll be ready to rock ‘n roll wherever the fight takes place.

What are you doing and who are you training with to prepare for this fight?

As always, I’m representing American Revolution out of Corpus Christi. We are constantly improving ourselves, the entire team, and our training. So we are always getting pushed further day after day.

How would you win this fight, ideally?

Ideally, I win by either Knockout of the Night, Submission of the Night, or Fight of the Night. I wanna put on a show!

If you had to give last words to your opponent before this fight, what would you tell him?

Be careful what you wish for.

What’s next for you after this fight?

Who knows exactly.. Maybe a rematch with Chris Jones so we can finish up what we started. I’d sure like another shot at that belt. But first things first.

Any last words before XKO 12?

Thank you, Mike and TXMMA for covering this event and my fight. Thank you to my sponsors: Tx Fight Magazine, Swolle Fitness Apparel, and Vitamin Extreme. Thank you to my American Revolution friends, family, and teammates. Thank you to everybody that supports me and what I do. And of course, thank you to my beautiful wife who hasn’t been able to see me fight live in a very long while. She and my boys haven’t been able to make the trip and I can’t wait until my whole crew is there in my corner. I love you all so much! Muah!

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