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XKO 15 Pre-Fight Interview – Roy Spoon (Dallas Jawbreakers)

ARLINGTON, TX, June 2, 2012 – Last but not least for our pre-fight coverage of XKO 15, here’s a pre-fight interview with the Dallas Jawbreakers’ Roy Spoon. He fights submission specialist Hayward Charles tonight in the co-main event!


Pre-Fight Interview – Roy Spoon (Dallas Jawbreakers)


Roy, how are you feeling heading into this fight?

Roy Spoon | photo: personal archives

I feel good had a few setbacks with minor injuries but I’ve worked through it. My schedule is the same every day I run in the am gym at 11 then Training at 630.

What’s defined life for you in the past year or so?

I had some good wins last year and an upset. I think that’s defined my whole MMA career. <laughs> I have to fight someone I see as a beast to get up and be motivated. After my lost last year I quit my job and decided that if I’m going to do this, it will be now and needed to make it full-time.

What’s your source of motivation heading into this one?

The same source as every fight and that’s to get the W then come home to my 3 beautiful children and tell them how I won. My two boys take a loss harder than I do. <laughs> It’s funny but it makes you feel like a failure to see them upset over it. I don’t like that feeling and don’t plan on it.

What is your occupation outside MMA? Any other responsibilities aside from training?

I run a fight team The Dallas Jawbreakers. We got a gym in Mesquite but are fixing to move to Forney. We got a great team with pro and ammy fighters.

What’s the toughest thing you have to deal with in order to be the best fighter you can be?

Time…. Finding the time to live my everyday life. Doing what I can when I can with my kids and before I was single it was making time for my woman. That was a fail that’s why I’m single. <laughs> It’s hard and I’m sure most fighters understand what I mean.

Do you follow a specific diet leading up to a fight?

Yes, I got a great nutritionist in Troy Suddarth with Last Round Nutrition he writes out my diets and gives me all my supplements. Thank you guys for all you do for me LRN!!!

What’s the best advice you’ve given or been given when it comes to MMA?

I’ve been given a lot of great advice from great coaches and fighters but the best has to be “just have fun” that’s what I’m doing.

What’s your opinion on your opponent Hayward Charles?

Hayward is a tough kid and wants a challenge. I believe he is a lot better than his record. That’s a reason I was told not to take the fight but again like I said I want to have fun. This fight should be exciting and fun for us and the fans. The guy called me out and who am I to not give him an opportunity to back up what he says.

Any thoughts on how this fight plays out?

This fight goes one of three ways – I win by knockout, he wins by sub, or I win by decision. ..I’m leaning towards the first option.

Any last words or anybody you want to thank before fight night?

Yes I wanna take all my sponsors – Last Round Nutrition, Planetbeach Spa, Nicky D’s Family Cafe, and of course all the Dallas Jawbreakers – Brad,Alamo, Jay, Alex, Elijah, Omar and Chris. Thanks guys and I can’t wait to rep the JAWBREAKERS!