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ZTS Tournament Series – Oklahoma Recap, Pictures, and Video!

April 17, 2011 – Yesterday concluded the first Zebra Tournament Systems of Texas (ZTS) BJJ and Grappling event in Bethany, Oklahoma right outside Oklahoma City.

Several teams from around the area, most notably Lovato’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Solid MMA showed up to compete. Other teams such as Gracie Barra, Third Coast MMA, Elite MMA, and a few others were also represented but those two teams took first and second respectively in the teams standings, dominating the field in both sheer number of impressive competitors along with sportsmanship.

Results will have to show who dominated the individual action but perhaps the highlight of the day occured when event organizers, Team ZTS, put a bounty on one of their own athletes in order to provide an entertaining show for the hometown fans.

Short of competing brown belts, ZTS offered $50 to anyone in the crowd who could defeat ZTS-sponsored athlete Jason Soliz in a regulation match. Rob Wood of Team Lovato stepped up to the challenge and help shape a spontaneous Texas vs. Oklahoma showdown.


Utilizing strong wrestling skill, Team Oklahoma and Rob Wood won the day by a score of 9-0 to claim the extra change to the cheers of the hometown crowd.

Stay on the lookout for event results on ztsdealer.com. In the meantime, check out the videos and the photos from the inaugural ZTS Tournament Series Event!


Event Slideshow

Adult Divisions

Kid’s Divisions

Shots from the Crowd


Select match video located on the Texas BJJ & No Gi Channel.

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