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This is a general infomation page with instructions and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about how to use some of the community functionality of TXMMA, such as posting announcements and stories, submitting your school into the school link directory, and submitting events for the event calendar.

This FAQ remains under construction as I continue to finish fleshing out this new site, so please bear with the process.

I am gradually migrating all users to a security level that will allow you to submit your own Posts, and this is how your can submit news and announcements for me to publish on the main page. For basic announcements you can use the QuickPress form that is on your Dashboard. For more detailed submissions, use the New Post button at the top right in Dashboard view, or via the link in the menu on the left side of the home page, and you will be able to create a post with any information and images you would like to submit. *(add step-by step details here)

All posts go into an approval / editorial queue and have to approved by me before they can become visible. This cuts down on spam and also helps make sure inappropriate posts don’t get through. Often people have tried to post content like “Where can I train in Houston” or something else that should better be put in the forums – repeat posts within a few day time period, a random ad for a school, or congratulating a fighter, are examples of other things that will not be approved for the front page. Things like new school opening announcements, seminars, fights, fight results etc are examples of posts that are appropriate for the front page.

-Prior list is being rebuilt using the new setup on the site
*(add directions here)
*(add instructions on edits/revisions)

Basic instructions – when viewing the Event Calendar, navigate using the arrows at the top left to get to the month you want, and then double click on the day your event is occurring on. From there, fill in your details in the window that pops up.
*(add more directions here)

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